„Global technology with practical application and multiplication of business models based on a communication network – IC via a system for generation, storage and remote transfer of super weak electromagnetic emissions and the effect on water”


We would like to present to you the opportunities for investment in GLOBAL IC TECHNOLOGY LTD, which has the potential for growth and development.

Our company offers the unique service of remote transfer of informational copies (IC) of biologically active substances.

The mission of GLOBAL IC TECHNOLOGY LTD is to promote lifestyle and activities based on a vision of prevention through a new “self-help” culture, which:

• Is based on natural phenomena for which it has been proven that their informational copies do not have adverse side effects;
• Is supported by such pricing policy that makes the IC service affordable around the globe for all categories of internet users;
• Offers a comprehensive service in all Internet user segments;
• Comprises multiple areas of humanitarian and production activities.

One of the IC applications is in the field of “Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), as well as other fields related to the transfer and the effect of informational copies on biologically active substances.

The service that we wish to offer on the market includes sending and receiving created IC anywhere around the globe in real time. Together both are unique and unparalleled on the market.

We will implement the service by using three possible distribution channels – sales through a distribution network, Marketplace sales and eCommerce sales. In practice, our service is addressed to each internet user depending on their personal needs and preferences. To date, we provide informational copies via our own website:

We have established our Company aiming to consolidate and multiply the positive scientific and technological results attained so far, the know-how, technology and assets from the pioneers in this technology – DST Fund (an international non-profit charitable organization committed to paving the way of scientific innovations to global markets -

In order to attain sustainable development and growth, we need to make additional investments at the amount of EUR 15 million invested in the sectors of marketing and advertising, research and technological development. To this end, we seek partnership with the proper investor, who shares our mission and goals and who is open to innovations in the field of the healthy lifestyle.


Our Team

Evgeni Germanov

In 1973, graduated the Kazakh Chemical and Technological Institute with specialty "Automation of Chemical Processes". He started his career at a phosphorus plant, then headed a number of chemical industry enterprises. In the early 90s created holding company 'Evroterminal Obninsk "whose portfolio contains over 50 companies in the industrial, construction, finance and others. sectors with more than 6,000 employees. Since 2000 he has been working on various innovative projects in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, construction and ecology. Since August 2009 has been working on the implementation of the IC project as Director-General of the DST Fund, creating a team of scientists, doctors and managers from different countries. Since 2013, Bulgaria has chosen Bulgaria as a base country for the implementation of the IC project.

Stanislav Omelchenko

In 1972, graduated Dnipropetrovsky Institute as a railway engineer. After completing his education, he worked as an engineer and senior engineer for various projects in the field of railway and bridge construction. In the mid-1990s he was appointed Technical Director of „Moststroy-10“ Company and then continued his career as Deputy CEO of the company. Since 2000 he has been General Director of the construction company "Struroism-1", specializing in the construction and construction of bridges and bridge facilities.

Marina Kapitanova

In 1981, graduated from the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers with specialty engineer-economist. Since 1981 until 1991. worked in the Physico-energetic Institute, with her career development as an engineer-economist, senior engineer-economist and deputy head of the planning department for capital construction. From the beginning of the 1990s, he was director of a branch of Kaluwska Investment Bank for three years, after which until the beginning of 2000, is the director of Invesco-Bank. Since 2001 until 2004. is First Vice-President of the Holding Company "Euroterminal Obninsk". Since 2004 he is currently working on the IC project as deputy director of the DST Fund.

Vesselin Penev

His education is Master in "Social and Legal Psychology". He began his career in the early 1980s with the Ministry of Defense in the field of "National Security", taking various expert and managerial positions. In the late 80s begins political career as founder and vice president of the union "Defense" the Confederation of Labor "Podkrepa" and then participate in the management of parliamentary election campaigns of political party "Union of Democratic Forces." From the mid-1990s to 2009, is in the leadership of parliamentary election campaigns of the political party Movement for Rights and Freedoms. Since 2012 is Founder and Deputy. Chairman of the People's Party Freedom and Dignity. From 2013 is a member of the Executive Council and the Citizens' Council of the "Reformation Bloc". V. Penev has many years of professional experience as a leader in constructing structures in a multicultural environment with positive effect on minority groups and communities. He is involved in various consultancy activities, mainly in the field of public communications and political consulting, projects under the Operational Programs of the European Union. He is also involved in production and publishing. From 2016. is committed to the IC project, with his responsibilities in the Marketing and Sales Division.

Ivan Kostov

Expert in Computer Systems and Communications. Master of Pedagogy. For the period 1998 - 2005 is the manager of a national internet network of the Bulgarian Industrial Association "BIA NET". He has extensive expertise in Internet and communication networks, energy and cyber security, and electrical mobility. Author and expert consultant in the development of a number of strategies, normative documents and guidelines for the development of the energy sector and electric mobility in Bulgaria. Director of the Bulgarian Industrial Association - Union of Bulgarian Business. Chairman of Technical Committee 80 (Electronic Data Exchange in Administration, Trade and Services) at the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization. Founder, Member of the Management Board and Secretary General of the National Branch Organization for Electric Mobility - EVIC. He has experience in managing business companies, public organizations, information systems, projects with European and international funding. From 2015 is involved in the IC project, with its responsibilities in the Management and Development Division of the Technical Center - GICT.

Atanas Atanasov

He graduated from the Technical University - Sofia with specialty "Complex mechanization and production lines" and additional qualification "Human Resources Management". He works on various projects and funds in the field of research. For the period 2013-2017 he is the organizer and sponsor of the International Scientific Conference "Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water". He has been involved in the IC project since 2012, with his responsibilities in the "Administrative Process and Coordination" Division.

Our service

We offer the distribution of informational copies of biologically active substances via a system for generation, storage and remote transfer of super weak electromagnetic emission in a number of fields of implementation, such as, pharmaceutics, veterinary medicine, agriculture, spa & wellness, etc.

The ability of water to reproduce informational copies of biologically active substances is based on natural phenomena, where it has been experimentally proved that IC does not have adverse side effects.

Authors of the technology of transfer of super weak electromagnetic emissions of biologically active substances are the Soviet radio physicist Mark Greenstein and inventor Dr. Michael Shraybman. The two create the technology for transfer of informational copies of medical products through electronic communication networks and in 2009 offered it for practical implementation by the DST Fund.

Our company has applied at the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria for legal protection of the IC Technology “System for generation, storage and remote transfer of super weak electromagnetic emission”. This technology can be used in various fields of the process of transfer and receipt of the so-called informational copies (IC) of non-organic and organic active substances and/or materials.

The system of generation, storage and remote transfer of IC ensures high-quality analogue and digital recording of the electromagnetic emission of substances as an information imprint. This is achieved with a low consumption of electricity and by applying a process of automatic remote control on information carrier, which can be reused multiple times. The technical center for storage of generated recordings is organized in a comparatively small space and ensures easy, fast and cheap user access thereto. Currently, the technical center has 60 informational copies of active substances. We plan to increase their number to 500 over a five-year period.

The available informational copies are based on widely used and well-known medicinal substances in the following arrears of application: respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, kidneys and urinary tract, blood diseases, endocrine system, locomotor system, acute infectious diseases.

The advantage of the informational copy is that there are no adverse side effects reported for it. To date, more than 5000 clinical trials have been conducted and in more than 90% of those the informational copies have a positive effect, whereas through them people improve their health in an alternative way. A total of 12 scientific conferences on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water have been held since 2006, where scientists from across the world discuss the new knowledge about water based on its properties and acknowledge its beneficial effect on all organics.


Service provision

We provide IC to the end user remotely by internet connection:

• The user connects with the specialized technical center for informational copies via our website and selects the necessary ingredients;
• The information content of the selected chemical substance is “copied” by the user on a compact disk (CD) inserted in a recording device;
• Once the IC is recorded on CD, the user places a glass of water on this disk for 30 minutes;
• The water that has acquired the informational copy after that is then consumed by the user.

The CD charged as described above can be used within a month. The users are given the opportunity to test for free two informational copies of widely used and globally known medicinal substances (Ibuprofen – well-known brands Nurofen, Advil; Аcetylsalicylic acid – known brands Aspirin, Upsarin).



Over the past few years, people have been increasingly aware of the advantages of a mindful, well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. This is where we see the role and niche for our service, as a complementary method without any adverse side effects, improving the effect of already existing conventional products in the fields of pharmaceutics, veterinary medicine, agriculture, Spa&Wellness, etc.

Users of the service can be all people who have access to the Internet, regardless of age groups, gender, education, social status, denomination or geographic location, as well as companies in various sectors that can make good use of the advantages and capacities of the IC technology.

The specifics of our service allows for the use eCommerce sale opportunities, and regardless of the distribution channels used the model of sales for the provision of IC is mainly in the B2C (business to customer) segment. Pursuant to a report of the Grand View Research, Inc. of September 2017, the global turnover realized on the B2C e-commerce market is expected to reach USD 7 724,8 billion in 2025 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7%. As illustrated in the next chart, the growth of internet sales in this segment is constant and maintaining high levels.



The SWOT analysis below gives an overview of the great capacities of the IC technology and indicates the aspects on which the company needs to focus in its future efforts towards development and optimization.

✓ Unique technology encompassing a number of areas in the humanitarian and production sectors;
✓ Application of a modern business model and sales method;
✓ Sales in any point of the globe with Internet connection;
✓ Submitted application at the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria for legal protection of the IC Technology;
✓ Customization of customer searches based on needs and preferences;
✓ Absence of adverse side effects;
✓ Affordable pricing policy.

✓ Product unknown to the general public;
✓ Psychological discomfort in overcoming the new and the unknown;
✓ Difficulties in hiring trained staff;
✓ Insufficient expertise in marketing and eCommerce;
✓ Difficulties in reaching the end users in view of the huge volume of information on the Internet about various products and services on offer;

✓ Market niche related to the tendency towards a new and positive perception of the alternative approaches to healthy lifestyle and treatments;
✓ Increasing global trend of mixing conventional and alternative approaches in various areas of life and business;
✓ Unlimited opportunities for market positioning and application of the IC technology in various industrial fields related to the use of biologically active substances;
✓ Opportunities for innovations and modifications;
✓ Market with significant potential for fast growth;
✓ Partnership and cooperation with all big world renowned companies in the field of e-commerce, marketing and advertising;

Possible threats
✓ Possible use of other existing or new approaches and technologies;
✓ Unregulated use of the same technology;
✓ Possible hacker attacks;
✓ Possible state restrictions imposed on certain regions;
✓ Possible conflicts over the IC application of cultural, religious or ethnic nature in certain regions;

The competitive advantages of our product lie in the unique innovative technology combined with its affordable price, global access and unlimited possibilities of application.

The marketing strategy of the Company will be following these steps:

1. Market segmentation.
2. Segment profiling.
3. Evaluation of the attractiveness of individual segments.
4. Selection of segments as our target group.
5. Identification of the best positioning for each target group.
6. Development of marketing activities and communications in line with the concept of positioning.

The marketing strategy will be implemented by way of selecting the proper company with the necessary expertise in the field of marketing and advertising.

The Company will adopt existing and already established sales strategies, based on the following main principles:

1. Clients come first.
2. Shopping must be pleasant and easy.
3. Products must be stocked and offered in sufficient amounts.
4. Maintaining competitive prices.

In view of our plans of expansion, we envisage three main distribution channels:

• Sales via a distributor network – 45%.
• Marketplase sales – 30%.
• eCommerce sales – 25%. (


Operational plan

We realize that the efficient approach to the operational implementation of the project is a key factor for its success. Hence, we will be implementing the project so as not to allow any deviations from it.

We will be taking the following steps for the operational implementation of the project:

1. Selection of a specialized project management company;
2. Creating an action plan (time schedule);
3. Holding a working meeting with the project stakeholders;
4. Creating a communication plan for the team;
5. Selection of external contractors;
6. Project reporting;
7. Monitoring;
8. Finalization.

Financial estimates

In order to achieve the set goals, we plan to raise Venture Capital (VC) in exchange for hybrid financing consisting in the payment of an interest for the period of project implementation (4-5 years) with an option of subsequent exit of the investor or acquisition of up to a 30% share in the Company.

We have developed a business plan for project implementation in three scenarios – best case, base case and worst case, on the basis of the funds raised from the investor.

The table below breakdowns the necessary start-up funding for the project in the first year:

Purpose of investment


Base Case


Start-up Expenses

Marketing and sales

10 087100

7 810076

4 078091

Research and development (R&D)



50 818



85 625

24 761


2 143000






70 642




64 697

TotalStart-up Expenses €14241 100

14 079 100

9 528574

4 503382

Start-up Assets

Cash Required




Start-up Stock

47 000

25 044

7 583

OtherCurrent Assets



63 467

Fixed Assets

72 900

72 900

72 900






15 000000

10 000000

5 000000


15 000000

10 000000

4 000000

Second year

1 000000

The table below outlines an estimate of revenue, expenses and profit for a five-year period (2019 – 2023) in a best case scenario.

Estimated revenue, expenses, profit – best case scenario









12 967


68 367




1 475363


4 958610



16 980

47 554

223 728

837 400

2 575 182









20 751



2 383215


3 497

7 081

21 929

80 078

260 175



13 670

99 998


2 123039


7 500

7 500

7 500





6 170

92 498


2 123039




9 250

55 773

212 304



5 553

83 248


1 910736


This Investment Proposal is a document, which serves for information purposes only, it does not constitute a commitment and is not binding.

This document does not constitute an offer for the purchase of securities.

If you are interested in this project, we will provide you with a detailed business plan.

Phone: +359 887 75 19 35
Vesselin Penev - CEO