About Us

The company GLOBAL IC TECHNOLOGY LTD was established in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria in 2017.

The company is developing the "GLOBAL IC" project. It is a global technology with a practical application and multiplication of business models based on a communications network through a system for generating, storing and remote transmission of ultra-electromagnetic radiation and impact on water. By applying the modern achievements in the field of information and communication technology, (eCommerce) principles and methods.

GLOBAL IC TECHNOLOGY Ltd. is a successor and a link between all IC related scientific and technical results, know-how, technology and assets of the pioneers of this technology, developed through the DST Fund - www.dst-fund.ru.
The DST Fund coordinates the work of teams working in different locations worldwide, under the "GLOBAL IC" project.

GLOBAL IC TECHNOLOGY LTD provides the IC provision services through its own website www.bodyfreq.com with the following graphic logo:

Our mission

The mission of GLOBAL IC TECHNOLOGY LTD is to impose a way of life and activities, broken down through the vision of prevention through a new self-help culture that:

• is based on naturally occurring phenomena where it has been proven that their ICs have no adverse side effects;
• is supported by such a pricing policy that the IC service is priced worldwide for all categories of internet users;
• offers a comprehensive service in all Internet user segments;
• covers many areas of humanitarian and manufacturing activities.


The company team is inspired by the potential and potential of IC technology by sharing the vision of stimulating healthy lifestyles to help accelerate progress and achievements in this area. The vision of the company is to offer a new way to better health outcomes by applying the technology to receive and transmit the so-called IC - "data copies" of inorganic and organic active substances.



The Nature creates ultra-electromagnetic emissions from organic and inorganic substances from living matter and bio-objects. Through water, the radiation affects the processes that occur in the organisms.

A technology for creating and transmitting IC of biologically active substances has been scientifically developed to help transmit radiation from technical centers to every part of the planet and use it for various purposes.

GLOBAL IC TECHNOLOGY LTD (GICT) offers a unique service for the remote delivery of IC or so-called "radiations" of biologically active substances that promote healthy lifestyles and activities broken down through the vision of prevention and culture for " self-help ". What makes the service unique and without a market analogue is the ability to send and receive real-time IC created at any point in the globe.


We work for

• Building a high-tech technical center to access IC data reposals through the current online www.Bodyfreq.com platform;

• Elaboration and implementation of marketing strategy for distribution of the new IC information copies on the world market, provision of services to consumers, organization of production of specialized products, extension of the scope of tourist services, etc.;

• Establishing an adequate model for managing the activity of GLOBAL IC TECHNOLOGY LTD - management body, headquarters and material base, employees and expert potential, contacts, communication, etc.;

• Development of various options to improve the efficiency of IC usage - Creating devices, mobile applications, commodities for daily use - enriched mineral water, food, etc.;

• Developing contacts and working with laboratories and research centers, development of IC technologies in various areas of human activity - human and veterinary medicine, agriculture, agro-food industries, etc.;

• The continuation of the activity, the development is the confirmation as a world forum of WATERCONF - an already established international conference on scientific achievements in the field of physics, chemistry and biology of water research.


Tangible and intangible assets

1. Own Unique Know How for Technology and Software Equipment at IC Technical Center.

2. Functional prototype of IC technical center with the possibility of flexible upgrade.

3. A multi-lingual online platform for accessing and paying IC copies from anywhere in the world - www.bodyfreq.com.

4. Results of more than 5,000 studies, acquired by the Inviro and Invivo methods from August, 2009. so far.

5. Research results are also available at www.dst-fund.com, www.dst-fund.ru, www.icmedicals.com and www.newpharm.ru.

6. Information on scientific excellence in the field of physics, chemistry and water biology research, reports from international conferences are available at www.waterconf.org.


Our Team

Evgeni Germanov

In 1973, graduated the Kazakh Chemical and Technological Institute with specialty "Automation of Chemical Processes". He started his career at a phosphorus plant, then headed a number of chemical industry enterprises. In the early 90s created holding company 'Evroterminal Obninsk "whose portfolio contains over 50 companies in the industrial, construction, finance and others. sectors with more than 6,000 employees. Since 2000 he has been working on various innovative projects in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, construction and ecology. Since August 2009 has been working on the implementation of the IC project as Director-General of the DST Fund, creating a team of scientists, doctors and managers from different countries. Since 2013, Bulgaria has chosen Bulgaria as a base country for the implementation of the IC project.

Stanislav Omelchenko

In 1972, graduated Dnipropetrovsky Institute as a railway engineer. After completing his education, he worked as an engineer and senior engineer for various projects in the field of railway and bridge construction. In the mid-1990s he was appointed Technical Director of „Moststroy-10“ Company and then continued his career as Deputy CEO of the company. Since 2000 he has been General Director of the construction company "Struroism-1", specializing in the construction and construction of bridges and bridge facilities.

Marina Kapitanova

In 1981, graduated from the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers with specialty engineer-economist. Since 1981 until 1991. worked in the Physico-energetic Institute, with her career development as an engineer-economist, senior engineer-economist and deputy head of the planning department for capital construction. From the beginning of the 1990s, he was director of a branch of Kaluwska Investment Bank for three years, after which until the beginning of 2000, is the director of Invesco-Bank. Since 2001 until 2004. is First Vice-President of the Holding Company "Euroterminal Obninsk". Since 2004 he is currently working on the IC project as deputy director of the DST Fund.

Vesselin Penev

His education is Master in "Social and Legal Psychology". He began his career in the early 1980s with the Ministry of Defense in the field of "National Security", taking various expert and managerial positions. In the late 80s begins political career as founder and vice president of the union "Defense" the Confederation of Labor "Podkrepa" and then participate in the management of parliamentary election campaigns of political party "Union of Democratic Forces." From the mid-1990s to 2009, is in the leadership of parliamentary election campaigns of the political party Movement for Rights and Freedoms. Since 2012 is Founder and Deputy. Chairman of the People's Party Freedom and Dignity. From 2013 is a member of the Executive Council and the Citizens' Council of the "Reformation Bloc". V. Penev has many years of professional experience as a leader in constructing structures in a multicultural environment with positive effect on minority groups and communities. He is involved in various consultancy activities, mainly in the field of public communications and political consulting, projects under the Operational Programs of the European Union. He is also involved in production and publishing. From 2016. is committed to the IC project, with his responsibilities in the Marketing and Sales Division.

Ivan Kostov

Expert in Computer Systems and Communications. Master of Pedagogy. For the period 1998 - 2005 is the manager of a national internet network of the Bulgarian Industrial Association "BIA NET". He has extensive expertise in Internet and communication networks, energy and cyber security, and electrical mobility. Author and expert consultant in the development of a number of strategies, normative documents and guidelines for the development of the energy sector and electric mobility in Bulgaria. Director of the Bulgarian Industrial Association - Union of Bulgarian Business. Chairman of Technical Committee 80 (Electronic Data Exchange in Administration, Trade and Services) at the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization. Founder, Member of the Management Board and Secretary General of the National Branch Organization for Electric Mobility - EVIC. He has experience in managing business companies, public organizations, information systems, projects with European and international funding. From 2015 is involved in the IC project, with its responsibilities in the Management and Development Division of the Technical Center - GICT.

Atanas Atanasov

He graduated from the Technical University - Sofia with specialty "Complex mechanization and production lines" and additional qualification "Human Resources Management". He works on various projects and funds in the field of research. For the period 2013-2017 he is the organizer and sponsor of the International Scientific Conference "Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water". He has been involved in the IC project since 2012, with his responsibilities in the "Administrative Process and Coordination" Division.